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StiKr Retake Moderator Application
Offline StiKr
09-09-2017, 09:26 PM

Junior Member

Aug 2017


Alias: ^StiKr^Smile
Steam ID ( STEAM_0:1:224301738
Age: 15
What server are you applying to: HuntingBros Retake No. 1, 2, 3, 4
Do you have any experience as a server admin: I have a private server that I use and admin friends, also I have been admin on Gmod servers, I don't know if that helps but.
Why you want to a be admin: I personally think I'd make a great admin because I have good team spirit, team player and don't hesitate to report abusive admins, cheaters or consistant trollers, as well as enjoying a fun relaxed time on CS.
How often do you play on our servers: I play daily on more than one retake server, usually 1 & 2 at the moment.
How often do you visit forums: Maybe once a day, to stay on top of things.
How would you deal with a mic spammer: Warn them about a mute up to 3 times, gag them for a certain amount of time, if they continue I'd give them a 20 - 24 hour ban depending on how bad.
Have you been banned from a different community and why: No
Are you willing to donate, or have you in the past?: I am willing to donate but at the moment I dont have any money
Extra Info: My name is Josh, I'm 15, I play the server for 2-3 hours+ daily (Just wrapping up)


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