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Admin Application (Daz0wnz)
Offline daz[0]wnz
07-30-2017, 09:37 PM

Junior Member

Jul 2017


Alias (Steam name): _DazOwnzz^
Steam ID (
Age: 17
What server are you applying to: Retakes 1,2,3,4
Do you have any experience as a server admin: no, i do have a lot of close admin friends i have learnt from them
Why you want to a be admin: Keep the community clean and friendly. I play on Huntingbros retakes almost every day, i always enjoy it untill a hacker comes on an destroys, i always try to find an admin to get rid of them but usually have no luck, the more the better
How often do you play on our servers: almost every day for fun or to warmup and just chill with mates
How often do you visit forums: not regulary
How would you deal with a mic spammer: All depends on the situation. i would ask them to stop or to settle down if they persisted to keep going i would give them a warning of a mute if they keep doing it after the mute i would give them a 24 hr server ban
Have you been banned from a different community and why: Never
Are you willing to donate, or have you in the past?: ive always wanted take knife since its disapearence so more than likely Big Grin

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