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A bit about me
Redneck Relations
07-29-2017, 09:53 PM


G'day everyone, locally name as Redneck Relations, been on the server for not sure how long but its the first place I come to for retakes, that's for sure.

I love taking long walks on the beach with waves crashing below the setting sun, im an avid music lover ranging from artists like Proleter, BMTH, Prolyphia and Khalid. It's been one of the biggest influences in my life and my biggest pick me up when I need it.

I'm currently in year 12 this year undertaking VCE with Chemistry, English, Music, Psychology and Math Methods. I'm considering going to univerity to complete a Bachelor of Criminology and maybe double it with a Bachelor of Psychological Science.

It's a huge pleasure to be apart of this community and I can't wait to be even more involved.

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