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Craftyy Admin Application
Offline Craffyy
06-27-2017, 02:50 AM

Junior Member

Jan 2017


Alias (Steam name): Craftyy
Steam ID (
Age: 17
What server are you applying to: Retakes
Do you have any experience as a server admin: Yes, I was admin on C7 Squad Retakes. Stepped down from the position.
Why you want to a be admin: Keep the community clean and friendly. I play on Huntingbros retakes alot, and have witnessed hackers and alot of trollers ruining the fun for everyone. Unfortunately, it is hard to have an admin on at all times however, the more helping hands, the better.
How often do you play on our servers: Everytime I'm warming up, waiting for an ESEA game to pop or just chilling late night.
How often do you visit forums: Rarely.
How would you deal with a mic spammer: All depends on the situation. I would take whatever the appropriate action may be, whether that giving them a warning, or just muting them for a small amount of time. I wouldn't be too harsh as I dont want to discourage them from playing on the Huntingbros servers.
Have you been banned from a different community and why: No
Are you willing to donate, or have you in the past?: I havent donated in the past but I am happy to donate.

Extra Info:
Currently run the twitter account for @TeamUnionAU -
3100+ hours in CSGO

Past Community Roles
Head of Administration for C7 Squad -
Owner of CS:GO 4CentLottery -
Event Manager of Vector eSports Australia -
Owner of Katowice 2015 Price Checks -

Thanks for your consideration!
Offline Censor
07-10-2017, 08:57 PM

Head Admin
[Head Admin]

Aug 2015


I've known of him for quite a long time.

Has a lot of previous experience, would be a good asset to the team.


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